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The Team

Name: Dr Miriam Silver

Qualifications: BSc, MSc, ClinPsyD, AFBPsS, C.Psychol, HPC Registered Practitioner Psychologist

Current Position: Clinical Director / Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Until 2011, Dr Silver ran the NHS service for Looked After and Adopted children within Northamptonshire's county-wide Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, linking closely to local Social Services to meet the needs of children removed from their family of origin after maltreatment. Since taking voluntary redundancy from the NHS this post has been honorary. She has on going academic posts at the University of Leicester and the University of Northampton, and spent six months as the founding clinical director of a parenting charity. Dr Silver is now the Director of LifePsychol Ltd.

Over her 20 years experience in psychology she has gained expertise about a wide range of mental health problems that affect children and families. Her interests relate particularly to neuro-developmental conditions and children who have experienced adversity, as well as linking research and practise. For several years she chaired the National Network of Clinical Psychologists working with Looked After and Adopted Children (the largest specialist network within the British Psychological Society).

She has been commissioned to write a book about attachment for foster and adoptive parents. She has active research interests with regard to risk and resilience factors in adoptive matching, the quality of provision in residential care for Looked After Children, and outcome measurement with this population. She has several published articles in professional journals, and presents regularly at a number of national conferences. Dr Silver is also the author of some software to teach people to recognize and predict emotions in others, see www.emotiontrainer.co.uk

Dr Silver's passion is in working to support parents in building secure attachments with their children in all kinds of different family configurations through research, training and therapy. Within LifePsychol Dr Silver offers strategic leadership and supervision. She offers expert witness court reports for the family court. She also offers consultation and training to professionals, direct therapeutic input for families, and conducts a portfolio of research relevant to this client group.

Areas of interest: Attachment relationships, parenting capacity, children and families, Children Looked After in the Care system, intellectual assessment, diagnosis of developmental disorders (eg. autistic spectrum), learning difficulties, mental health issues, parenting assessments, assessments of the effects of abuse or trauma (including personal injury or bullying). Service development, consultancy and research.

Additional Information: Dr Silver has written numerous reports for the court over the last 12 years. She is known for her clear, insightful and comprehensive reports as well as her ability to give evidence in the witness box. She has attended two specialist training courses for Clinical Psychologists working as Expert Witnesses.

Curriculum Vitae: Click here to download